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Life Insurance Without Medical Exams: Who Should Buy A Plan?

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Life insurance is an excellent investment that protects all of your savings and guards the financial stability of a family. More and more people view life insurance as a better alternative for saving money than a bank account. Banks are not that stable as we used to think and some fluctuations on the market can bankrupt them, thus losing everything we saved. However, there are some demands a person must meet before being granted life

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance vs Term Life Insurance: Which Is The Best Plan For Seniors?

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In recent years, seniors have become an important market demographic. As funeral prices are continually rising, many seniors want to make sure that they will have a proper funeral. Life insurance is a great way to cover funeral expenses, but an important question remains: no medical exam life insurance or term life insurance? What should seniors chose? Term life insurance Term life insurance is a very popular plan as it offers cheap coverage. The coverage

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No Exam Life Insurance Can Cover Funeral Costs At Affordable Rates!

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No exam life insurance is a simple insurance policy which pays out a death benefit after the policyholder passes away. The death benefit can be used by the beneficiaries to cover funeral taxes. This makes life insurance one of the simplest ways in which you can cover your burial expenses. Covering funeral costs using no medical exam life insurance plans is even easier as the underwriting process is simplified!           About no medical exam life insurance

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Insurance for Stay-at-Home Mothers

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The importance of a mother is undisputed, but somehow they are considered to hold very little economical value. No wonder that very few unemployed mothers do not have a life insurance policy and many are the beneficiaries of their husbands’ policies. Should a stay-at-home mother have a life insurance policy? Life coverage is usually reserved for the highest income earning member of the household. In the case that we are referring to, the husband, being

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Best Activities You Can Do This Christmas!

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“Thank God is Christmas” as the Queen’s song goes. Now you have the chance to relax and have some fun. You shouldn’t spend all your holiday locked inside and on the computer. There are many fun and interesting things you can do this Christmas. Spend time with your family. Now that you have some spare time, it is better to hang with your family for a few days. A family Christmas is a wonderful experience. You’ll get

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