No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes

Every stage of life has its own significations and must be cherished at its true value.  Along with age it is quite possible that one’s life style can changed drastically, i.e. one cannot have the same energy and stamina or the financial resources won’t satisfy the personal needs or one cannot have necessary solutions to do what he/she wanted until then. All these are obstacles that certainly can shadow the beauty of this age.  No medical exam life insurance quotes can be the base of your family’s financial protection. Various changes in your family, your job or the economy could leave you unprotected.

no medical exam life insurance quotesAn elderly life insurance is a serious concern and one of the most important purchases for many elderly people all around the world with ages from 50 to 85 who are looking forward to find affordable rates for coverage. Some of the lowest annual premium rates can reach $600 for 5-year term or $800 for a 15-year term. There are also some factors which undoubtedly will affect the premium rates for a senior life insurance such as age, gender, smoking status and health. For example, the older the insurer, the higher the premiums will be.

A medical exam is a significant part of purchasing medically underwritten term life insurance policy, but most people want to find some kind of protection without having to take a medical exam. Although some people like the thought of having a life insurance without a medical exam, it can be complicated to find such policies. Under usual circumstances the cost is higher than it is for life insurance policies that comprise a medical exam. Therefore, a no medical exam life insurance is not for everyone even though it works for some people. A no exam life insurance policy that supplies a full and instant death benefit is entirely underwritten by the insurance provider. This actually means that the plans pay the whole amount upon the occurrence of death with no waiting period. Moreover, evaluations of people’s medical history, driving and pharmacy records will be done before the agreement.

A senior life insurance can simultaneously bring an efficient way to spend a part of one’s income and to benefit of a decent retiring pension. Generally, this type of life insurance, which is a lifelong one, starts around 55 years and it is a necessity for those insurers heading toward the retirement or is on the verge of retiring.