What Influences No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates?

Getting better rates is the main objective for anyone seeking an affordable life insurance policy.  We want to get an adequate offer, which provides multiple benefits, but in the same time we do not want to spend too much money. We must reach a compromise between what we want to get and how much we can afford to pay.

TwoSeniorCouplesThis matter becomes even more important if your only option is no exam life insurance. Before signing in, you must read more about what influences no medical exam life insurance rates and scan the market for online quotes.

Age is still considered an important selection criterion even for no medical exam life insurance companies. Insurers provide coverage for seniors, but the premiums are modified accordingly with the age of the insured.  Approaching the limits of expectancy is still representing a risk for any investment and companies are aware of that.

If you want to get cheaper initial premiums and the opportunity of signing in for a bigger amount of coverage, do not waste time and apply for life insurance while you are not very old. Plus, insurers impose an age limit for their clients.  For no exam policies the limit is around the age of 80-90 years.

Health is also relevant for insurance companies. Again, sick people will get the coverage they have been waiting for. No exam policies insure people that suffer of diseases like ulcerous, pneumonia, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and other similar diseases.  The premiums will be modified accordingly with the severity of the disease.

Medical tests are not required but the company will want to know more about the history of your disease and if you are following any treatment.  Other factors that influence life insurance rates are: smoking habits, dangerous hobbies, job, credit history, medical history, gender, marital status.  We recommend you to find life insurance quotes and compare prices. You will know the average price of the premiums and you will be able to analyze all the offers.

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